What is your rate for carpet cleaning?

We charge just $58. Our charge includes the three room cleaning such as bedroom, living room, lounge room, hallways, family room up to 58 square meters. Call us to get accurate quote for your house or office.

How often should carpets be cleaned professionally?

Carpet should be cleaned depending upon the usage. Although steam cleaning of carpet is required once every 6 months for general usage, however, the cleaning is dependent on the type of usage of the carpet.

Do we need to know the type of cleaning you employ for cleaning our carpets?

Although there is no such requirement, but it is important to learn what treatment is being given to your carpet. We employ carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning method.

What is the difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning makes use of process where sprayer is used to apply cleaning agent on the carpets and then extracted with hot water into a tank. This process removes all the chemical residues and removes all dirt and dust from deep fibers. Whereas, dry cleaning uses a pad which is put below the carpet and then solution is sprayed on to the carpet then buffing takes place. The dirt is absorbed by pad but it leaves soapy residue and pad absorbs limited dirt and hence recommended only for certain types of carpet and situation.

How long does the carpet takes to dry?

There are many factors that affect drying of a carpet. Density of carpets, humidity, outside temperature, and air flow around it have all the effects on carpet drying.  Roughly, it takes around four to twelve hours. However, you can virtually walk on the cleaned carpet with clean soles.

Can all stains be removed?

No. Not all stains can be removed. Some stains can be removed but some are permanent. It also depends on the post treatment given to the stain after it got settled on your carpet. We will inform you of the stains before you book us for cleaning work.