Emergency Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Home or business, domestic, commercial or a rental place of any size.

Carpet Steam Cleaning from just $58 for 3 rooms

Carpet Cleaning




Melbourne’s Cleaners offers carpet steam cleaning at just $58 for 3 rooms anywhere in southeast Melbourne. For removing mould, bad smell, bacteria and cleaning dirty carpets, call our carpet steam cleaning team.

We ensure your carpet gets dried the same day as we use latest technology equipment for carpet drying. Call us onĀ 0452 524 482.

We use steam cleaning for all carpets!

Steam Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

  • Highly affordable and professional carpet cleaning service
  • Eco-friendly service with pet-friendly chemicals
  • We remove cat urine and dog urine odour removal
  • Guaranteed stain removal with our steam cleaning
  • 24/7 Emergency flood restoration and carpet drying services

industrial cleaning in MelbourneMelbourne’s Cleaner provides 24/7 emergency cleaning services at best price. Call us now to get same day service and a free carpet deodorising and pre-treatment.

We are the premier choice for many of our customers and with our vast experience in cleaning services with affordable and professional carpet cleaning service, we offer best rates in Melbourne for cleaning carpets.

Our price of $58 includes the cleaning of an area of 58 square meters that could include a lounge room, living room, master bedroom, stairs and a hallway.

We are trained experts, nationally recognised and accredited with our top-notch cleaning services. We also offer emergency services for fire damage cleaning, flood restoration and carpet drying service.

Why Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning is Important?

Carpets are the home of bacteria, dust, dust mites which are the cause of a few serious health problems including but not limited to asthma, skin allergies, and infections.

It is vital to clean your carpets regularly to get rid of such bacteria and dust mites, residing in carpet layers, to stay healthy in your own home. Even if you have rented the property and are living in a rental house, the carpet is still yours and the environment that you live in should be healthy and it is your own duty to keep it clean.

You can regularly clean your carpets by vacuum cleaners however they are not sufficient enough to get rid of bacteria and make your carpet hygienic.

commercial cleaningSame day carpet cleaning Melbourne

The carpet cleaning services that we provide are second to none and we offer same day cleaning services for various suburbs.

Please call us on 0452 524 482 to know if we will be able to provide you with the same day cleaning service. There are various other companies that offer same day cleaning services too but there is a reason to choose Melbourne’s Cleaner and that is our certification and accreditation.

Our carpet cleaners are professional and trained in their respective field to ensure their expertise is used to the optimum.

Why Choose Melbourne’s Cleaner?

  • There are numerous reasons for you to choose us and some of them are mentioned below for your decision.
  • We provide 24/7 emergency services that mean we can come to you anytime you want.
  • We use pet-friendly and children friendly cleaning chemicals.
  • We offer flexible booking and working hours for all our clients. You choose the time for us to work.
  • We clean the carpets, we dry it and give it to you ready to use before we leave.
  • We offer free deodorizing and pre-treatment of your carpets.
  • We come with vast experience and clean your products to the top-notch satisfaction.
  • We do not leave chemical residues in your carpets.
  • Our cleaners are well trained and certified to provide you with the satisfaction that you are looking for.
  • Our deals start with $58 per 58 sq. meter of the total area.
  • We also perform general cleaning services for your house.
  • No hidden charges and we believe in working with transparency.
  • Your complaint is our learning stage and we will take it very seriously to the dot.
  • Immediate approximate cleaning quote over the phone based on your house description.
  • The service that will increase the life of your carpets.
  • Same day cleaning offered in various south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

home cleaning girlEmergency Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Our carpet cleaning experts are ready to take on the emergency challenge to clean your carpets and upholstery damaged either during fire or flood. We offer post-fire damage cleaning and flood restoration services across southeastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Just give us a call and inform us of your condition. We will come to you as early as possible and get you sorted urgently. We work to your satisfaction and leave no room for complaints.

We work in-house or commercial property for emergency cleaning in Melbourne. We use the latest equipment for drying carpets so that drying of carpets is done quickly and you don’t have to wait for hours to get your carpets dry.

Your local carpet cleaning experts

Our team of carpet cleaning experts are located all over south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and can reach you within one to two hours even on a busy day. We are locals and are located near you. We just have to travel a few Kms only to get to your premises.

vacuum cleanerBenefits of choosing Melbourne’s Cleaner

  • Free deodorising
  • Free pre-treatment of carpets
  • Extreme steam cleaning of your carpets
  • No chemical residue in your carpets post cleaning
  • Carpet sanitising
  • Odour removal
  • Stain removal